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Commercial Laundry Costs

If you're a registered business and have regular weekly laundry needs we offer the following pricing structure based on a combination of volume and frequency. (See below)

If you're a new client our payment terms will be cash on pick up until we get to know you better.

You will need to organise your own pick up and drop off and turnaround times will vary according to season.

The following prices are for a wash/dry/iron service for linen and wash/dry/fold for towelling and non ironable item.

Our aim is to offer a reliable turnaround service and efficient garment tracking to ensure all your items are delivered back in excellent condition and nothing is lost or misplaced.

The total number of items and can be a mixture of linen and towels


Please note these prices do not include GST.


Item Description

More than 15 items

10 – 15 items

Non-commercial or

under 10 items

Flat Sheet Single




Flat Sheet Double/Queen




Flat Sheet King




Fitted Sheet Single




Fitted Sheet Queen/Double




Fitted Sheet King




Doona Cover Single




Doona Cover Double/Queen




Doona Cover King




Pillow Slip Standard




Pillow Slip Large




Towel Standard




Towel Large




Hand Towel




Face Washer




Bath Mat





For all other items such as Doonas/Blankets etc refer to our Personal Laundry Prices.


Stage 1. Each bag of linen is tagged at delivery with your own personal identification before being moved to the service area for laundering.

Stage 2. At the laundering service area, we sort and count each piece and carry out an inspection report which is recorded on your documentation. Items that need to be treated with stain remover prior to laundering are attended to at this time. Please keep in mind that for the most effective results the stain remover needs to remain on the fabric surface for a few hours and this is not always possible for us. If you want to pretreat your items before delivery to us please feel free to do so.

Stage 3. We once again we count each item as it’s placed into the washing machine. At no point are your items washed or dried with any other client’s items. We use commercial strength detergent with extra sodium percarbonate and powdered bleach if required (we don't use liquid bleach to avoid splashes and cross contamination)

Stage 4. Once your items have moved through to the drying process they're counted again and hung in preparation for pressing.

Stage 5. Once pressed our staff then count your items again and mark them off against the incoming documentation and send them to the staging area to be bagged in preparation for collection. 

All completed linen and towels etc are kept separate with the relevant documentation attached.

Please note: We never combine your linen with other clients to ensure correct hygiene and to avoid any mix ups.